FUNimation Entertainment is an American television and film production company based around Texas; specifically
speaking, Flower Mound. This studio has been recognized for its distributiion of anime titles and various other properties in North America. Gen and Cindy Fukunaga both established the organization back in May 9, 1994-May 11, 2005 and, at this point, FUNimation was known as FUNimation Productions. During May 11, 2005-January 7, 2016, Navarre Corp. acquired the company, only for them to eventually sell it to a group of investors, which included Gen Fukunaga himself, in 2011.

FUNimation will be held responsible for the dubbing process of Total Drama Sujira: Eva Code, as well as licensing and distributing the second anime. Bang Zoom! Entertainment was in charge of an English adaptation for the first series, while Aniplex of America licensed and distributed that property.

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